Reference list

Bonnier Tidskrifter

Bonnier Tidskrifter is part of Bonnier Magazine Group

Bonnier Publications

With more than 50 titles, Bonnier Publications is the largest magazine publisher in Northern Europe

Aller Magazine

Aller Magazine, an integrated part of Aller Media, publish a long list of successful magazines in Sweden among these are Elle, Cafe, Allers and Se & Hör. Aller Media uses magWorkflow in their magazine production. Aller Media is one of Sweden’s leading media groups with a market share for weekly magazines of 83% and part read more

Benjamin Media

Benjamin Media has been and still is a first mover in many areas, and publishes a large range of different and outstanding magazine titles in Denmark.

IPG Sweden

Independent Publishing Group (IPG) in Sweden operates within various areas of the publishing industry and has gone through a fast development in the past couple of years.