Full control


  • In full control of your issues
  • Flatplan overview
  • Approve and disapprove pages
  • Add comments into indesign

A part of your outfit!

magProof will complement your outfit with the most amazing features!


We believe that the creation of a great magazine should be - just like every creative process - a continous flow of alterations and adjustments; a highly dynamic process that allows content to mature into a valuable product. We want to support the creators of great content with advanced tools that will bring overview, not obstacles. We do this by allowing IT to partner up with the editors with “simplicity” as a keyword in all we do.


magProof, being part of the Caos System, is one of the results of our thoughts on simplicity. magProof gives the editorial team an opportunity to bring the overview of the production everywhere. This means that the flatplan and its pages created by an editorial team can be reached an commented on through the iPad. Workflows can be changed and comments left on the iPad on the road are instantly displayed in the InDesign document at the office, and yes, even if the document is already open!


magPeople has joined CCI A/S. The highly specialized competencies of magPeople and CCI are now brought together to meet the demand among media corporations for a consolidated solution covering newspaper, magazine and digital publishing. Read more: www.magpeople.com www.ccieurope.com www.stibo.com

Get the big picture

With the flatplan.

The flatplan

It gives you a great overview of the magazine, it gives you the ability to quickly jump between stories and a workflow status of both the story, and single pages.

Flatplan version

Look at different versions of your magazine. This can also be done from the pageturner.


The workflow status is shown below every page (top) and story (bottom), with a color.

Access flatplan

The flatplan view can be accessed by toggling the flatplan icon in the top panel.


The comments on each page is indicated here.

Scroll and tap

Scroll up and down to reveal the whole flatplan, and tap on a page to view it in the pageturner.

Mobile Proof-reading

The interface.

Tabs bar

An open flatplan will appear in the top section, as a tab. You can pin up multiple flatplans, switch between them, and close them by tapping the button on the right side of the title.

Workflow and versions

View the current workflow state of the pages, and change it by tapping the color, and picking from a list.

The counter bubble indicates the version of the current document. The document can be switched to previous versions with its comments.

Tool bar

The tool bar holds a handful of commenting tools and a guide tool for checking alignments in the layout.


Adjust the color, weight and opacity of the tools in the menu left of the tool bar.

Top panel

Below the tabs bar is the top panel, where you can control a bunch of things. To hide the top panel, you can tap the button in the right end of the panel, and show it again by tapping once, anywhere on your magazines pages.

Swipe left and right to navigate through your magazine.

Read and give feedback

– with comments.

Return to list

When you want to go back to the notification list, just tap the back button, and if you want to open an excisting comment, just double-tap it.


If you want to delete or approve a comment, you can tap one of these buttons.

Drag and resize

Use the drag area to drag the window horizontally and resize it vertically, so it dosn’t get in your way.

Write comments

A notification can contain both multiple drawings and text comments. You can add new text comments to a notificaion along the way, and edit excisting ones.


Show and hide the notifications window by toggling this button. The red counter indicates the number of comments on the current spread, and the blue, the on the flatplan.

Say something

When you have placed a needle or drawn something, you are able to attach a text to it by tapping the comment icon.

Apply or Cancel

When making a comment, complete it by tapping the icon, and cancel it by tapping the .


The drawing tools are easy and simple to use. You can combine free hand drawing with rectangles, lines and circles.


Use the pinning needle to pin out excactly what you are referring to.


The guide tool is made for aligning vertical and horizontal lines on a spread.