We have developed plugins since 2002 for InDesign under the brand Knowbody. However, today you will find our plugins under the magPeople brand.

Below you will find more information about the plugins which are available for download and purchase in our Store.
If you need custom specific development please contact us at:

Note to Adobe CC users: When a new version og InDesign CC is available, please make sure, we have released plug-ins for that specific version before upgrading. Otherwise the plug-ins might not work as intended.


Label It

Get a great overview of your images In the images approving process, it is crucial to know the names of the images placed in documents, especially if they include version numbers or other information e.g. copyrights etc. Label It automatically adds a text box with information and name of the placed image that helps you read more

Cool Kerning

Let automatic kerning do the work for you!


Make productions without image errors

Smart Paste

The intelligent way to paste text


Include timestamps in your InDesign® documents


Control iTunes from InDesign® Music can be a source of inspiration and relaxation, when you work long hours in front of the computer. A popular music library like iTunes® is normally used to find and play favorite tracks. TuneIt is developed as a free and fun plugin that will let you control the music from read more


A required plugin for all other plugins to work!


Tags your InDesign® documents on the fly!

Set It

Centralize your InDesign® settings