Bonnier Publications

With more than 50 titles, Bonnier Publications is the largest magazine publisher in Northern Europe

Among the most popular magazines are the popular science magazine Illustreret Videnskab, the home interiors magazine Bo Bedre, the fitness magazine I Form and the DIY magazine Gør Det Selv.

The Bonnier Publications Group is headquartered in Copenhagen, with bureaus and editorial offices in Oslo, Helsinki, Stockholm and Moscow. In the Netherlands and Belgium, they publish Illustreret Videnskab themselves. Illustreret Videnskab is also published by licence in a number of countries, incl. the USA, Latvia and Iceland.

Bonnier Publications specializes in cross-border publishing. This means that several of the magazines have one main editorial office in Copenhagen, while the other versions of the magazine are translated and edited in the target country.Bonnier Publications also publishes books and DVDs and operates more than 50 websites.

Bonnier Publications is part of the family-owned Swedish media conglomerate Bonnier, which owns newspapers, publishing houses and TV stations in 20 countries.