With an intuitive user interface magWorkflow gives you a live overview of your production from design to print. Because the solution is an incorporated element in the InDesign® work palette it is simple to use, and is thus an easy way for you to streamline your production. The automated processes incorporated in the solution minimize errors close to deadline which gives your organization a better workflow process.


  • View documents that need image updates (like an external Link palette)
  • View documents set to a specific workflow stage in three different ways: Text, List or Flatplan!
  • Automatic PDF generation and placement of PDF files in preset folders
  • Get a preview of your workt straight away with generating a PDF
  • The magXMPSearch engine is able to scan all your hard drives for documents – including network drives
  • Documents no longer need to be “logged” in and out of databases
  • Setup of events for different workflow stages
  • Images open directly in InDesign with a simple double click
  • The Workflow solution does not tamper with your documents. If you don’t want to stamp a document – just turn off the Workflow palette!
  • Can show documents stored on tape

magWorkflow plugins

There are three InDesign plugins in the magWorkflow XMPSearch package: magWorkflow, Smart XMP, and Stamp It. All three plugins work as floating palettes and give you a familiar interface to work with. Together with the simplicity of the solution, the elegant integration with InDesign is a cornerstone of all solutions by magPeople.  All our solutions and the plugins for magWorkflow XMPSEARCHER are developed in cooperation with graphic designers and other InDesign® to make sure that they like and can make use of our software.

Using magWorkflow

The unique feature of magWorkflow is that it can “put” itself on top of the asset structure already in place. Furthermore, with the InDesign plugin installed the users need a minimum of training to get started. The plugin will automatically prompt the user to change workflow stage when closing an InDesign® document.