Traditional software companies try to put every aspect of the publishing process into one solution making the software stringent and inflexible. We believe that we have found a better way!We see it as our most important aim to create a software solution that will NOT kill the creative process of magazine publishing.

We have developed a publishing solution that gives you one access, enabling you to take input from multiple sources and publish it again to multiple media platforms. The key point here is that we do not want to control all media platforms – we just integrate with them. We call it One Reality!

Some of the CAOS advantages

  • CAOS is based on the belief that editorial teams should spend their time on creating beautiful magazines – not rigid IT systems.
  • CAOS lets you work in the production environment that you already know. For production and design it is centered around InDesign and Photoshop. For text you can work in Word or InCopy. All assets are linked in CAOS and stored on e.g. a file server.
  • One of the core elements in CAOS is the dynamic planning tool. In the flatplan it is possible to plan both editorial and advertisement content in the same view. The planning can be done with templates or with simple drag and drop.If we have caught your interest, you are very welcome to contact us for a demo or for specific questions. Send us an e-mail: