Cool Kerning

Let automatic kerning do the work for you!

Kerning can be a bit of a hassle and time consuming when everything is done manually! Why not automate this process and focus on other more interesting tasks like creating superb content?

Cool Kerning is a plugin incorporated in Adobe InDesign that enables updates of kerning values automatically, and can be your time saver as it enables you to maintain kerning packages for your jobs!

The plugin is building kerning tables to control kerning between special character pair, and is therefore a great tool when working with text ore price kerning in brochures and magazines etc.

Another great thing is that these tablet are collected into packages with a version number and can automatically be distributed inside InDesign® documents, so updates are instantly shared with the entire organization. This also makes it very easy to share kerning setups.

Cool Kerning is all about supporting efficiency, without compromising quality, because you can get the best graphical results in less time.

Key features:

  • Kerning values can be created for any character combination
  • It’s possible to set kerning packages for different jobs
  • The same font can be set to follow different kerning values for different jobs
  • Kerning tables are automatically shared with the entire organization as the kerning table is stored inside the document
  • Kerning tables are password protected


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