Label It

Get a great overview of your images

In the images approving process, it is crucial to know the names of the images placed in documents, especially if they include version numbers or other information e.g. copyrights etc.

Label It automatically adds a text box with information and name of the placed image that helps you get control and structure of your images. As a very dynamic tool, it can be used to move, delete or replace images and keep labels updated.

You control the position of labels (center, upper corner etc.) and at the end of the day, you can export a report with full documentation of images and photographers/suppliers for your own lists.

Label It gives you full documentation of images used in a document. You simply just turn on the label function before you print.


Key features:

  • Images or text names can be made visible.
  • Names are added in text boxes on top of the document
  • It is possible to show the full path
  • Limitation of the string length  (cut-off from left)
  • Background color can be added

Download  LabelIt product sheet.


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