Set It

Centralize your InDesign® settings

Find an easy way to control and distribute both print-, pdf- and document-presets; let Set It do the job for you!

This plugin lets you configure various presets/settings and distribute them directly from a basic file server to all your InDesign® clients. Set It links the settings to magWorkflow and allows you to create multiple packages. This is a plugin that will save the organization a lot of time as the presets can be controlled from a central point e.g. an IT-department and all changes can easily be send out.

Key features: 

  • PDF presets
  • Color Settings
  • Preflight settings
  • Print presets
  • Distribute your presets/settings
  • Manage the presets/settings from a central area!
  • Link the settings to magWorkflow
  • Create multiple packages

Download SetIt product sheets.


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