Make productions without image errors

SmartAlerts solves the problem before it becomes one!
This plugin secures you to feel comfortable printing a document that contains images conflicting with present rules for Trim, Bleed, Scale, Font and Color, by delivering live alerts during production. In the end it will protect you against a lot of extra costs.

Key features:

  • Warn on scaling of images if quality is not acceptable. This functionality is the same as Scale Alert – The feature is available for free if you register.
  • Get a warning if images are placed incorrectly according to bleed and trim rules
  • Receive warnings if image links are not up-to-date
  • Receive a warning on wrong file-types. This feature allows you to have preference for certain file-types, and get a warning if someone uses a different file-type. As an example you might only accept .psd files and don’t want people to use .tif.
  • Receive a warning if the images use a wrong colorspace!
  • Receive a warning if font types are wrong


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