Installation of Plugins

Follow these steps in order to install the plugins on your Mac or PC:
  1. Download the plugin and remember to download the KLiC plugin as well, if you want to run a licensed version.
  2. Expand the compressed library in a temporary folder.
  3. Find the folder that contains your running version of InDesign®.
    On PC this folder is often placed as: C:\Program Files\Adobe\InDesignXXX.
    On Mac OS X the program is in the Application Folder as: Adobe InDesign XXX.
  4. In this folder you open the folder “Plug-Ins”.
  5. Inside “Plug-Ins” you create a folder called “magPeople”.
  6. Copy the unzipped plugins to this folder and restart InDesign®.

Enjoy our plugins. :)

If you have any questions you are always very welcome to contact