Include timestamps in your InDesign® documents

During a production process it can be great help to get an overview of changes made in documents and who made them.

StampIt is a plugin that adds timestamps to your InDesign® document and is automatically updated. This means that the plugin keeps track of modifications and who made the last changes. A feature in the plugin allows you to maintain a log on the page which make it very easy to track changes in an InDesign document and also who made the changes. StampIt is a great help to ease communication flow and fasten editing processes, because of the fast overview it can provide.

Key features:

  • Automatizes document naming on top of the InDesign document and all fields can be added to a master page in a template document
  • Creates a timestamp that shows the date and time of the last save of the document
  • Add a font usage list to your document automatically
  • Types the username of the user who last saved the document
  • Generates a complete log of all the users who have saved the document


Download StampIt product sheets.


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