Control iTunes from InDesign®

Music can be a source of inspiration and relaxation, when you work long hours in front of the computer. A popular music library like iTunes® is normally used to find and play favorite tracks.

TuneIt is developed as a free and fun plugin that will let you control the music from InDesign®.
The plugin enables iTunes directly into InDesign® and saves you time switching between iTunes and InDesign®. This means that you control everything from InDesign®. You can play/pause and change tracks without leaving your document.

To get your own free version of TuneIt all you have to do is to send an e-mail to: support@magpeople.com and write how many licenses you will need!

Key features:

  • Important: The most important feature is probably the ability to define keyboard shortcuts to control playback. Under “Edit -> Keyboard Shortcuts” in “magPeople TuneIt” product area, you will find a list of possible shortcuts. Play/pause is a shortcut that most people start by defining.
  • Play/pause, go to next track and previous track buttons are included
  • Control of repeat and shuffle
  • Playlists and tracks are selected directly from an InDesign® palette



How to get the plugin