Bugfixes SmartXMP – Deadline fields Folders without search criteria

Bugfixes CAOS and system shut down Bootstrap Error messsage CPU load Jetty Jersey Apache CXF Apply field package Page-turner: previews magWorkflow log in CAOS Page-turner: open AD integration: Language Page-turner: Permissions Missing objects in tree view xPort editor: Connection xPort editor: Links Notifications: Wont resolve Missing item Login Export to HTML Loosing data CMD+S Replace read more

Bugfixes Clipboard: swap Delete story from flatplan Don’t show hidden field in the palette Space buttton: Flatplan Multiple doc instances Notifications palette Undo: Transitions Client memory leak Drag-and-drop: Fields onto folders Delete objects Pagination: (XX) Ads: Place ad on language variant CRM Dynamics: New date format Page turner: memory leak Trashcan: Notification-attachments Page turnde: Wrong read more

Improvements Trashed sync jobs Page turner: Remember GUI setting Bugfixes Screensaver Flatplan: Missing focus Page turner: By selection

Improvements Tool tips Page turner: Zoom GUI Bugfixes Fixed table width Table: Multi select Change Workflow GUI Notifications: Bounding box Pen tool Page turner: Spacebar Page turner Template documents Duplicate issue Tabel: Scroll

Bugfixes CAOS file change notification magWorkflow facade

Bugfixes AD integration: XML AD integration: Failed processing

New features SmartXMP sync Deadline fields Tableview: multi edit magPicture integration

Bugfixes Latest version of the package Table view very slow See the changelog for magWorkflow Server 6.1.1 for other interesting developments.

New Features Launcdaemon Bugfixes SmartXMP – Deadlines Do-It events