Bugfixes Do-It and InDesign AD: False page warnings Import groups from LDAP Missing comments on ads Multiple instances Flatplan: Workflow Flatplan: Drag and drop update

Bugfixes User management Improvements Page-turner Page-turner: Memory

Bugfixes Different workflow packages Database status Palettes Mavericks Deadline fields Clipboard Ads timer Dont worry Wrong username Delete clones Switch language Improvements Support for multiple locations Spinning wheel One click rename Easy access Tabs Right click menu Workflow dropdown Added support for ad export Page-turner New icons

Bugfixes Flatplans stalling Comments Improvements Comments tool

Bugfixes Drag and drop to ad Sort by pagination Drag and drop adplaceholder Placing StoryFolder Clipboard Scrolling Ads: color Ads: previews Drag and drop indt Drag and drop less than one page Clipboard Session timeout Ads Palettes turn grey Thin font Ads: Warning Notification counter User rights Improvements CPU load Drag and drop files Notifications read more

Bugfixes Editable choice Missing foldertypes InDesign templates Dialog size Login window Rename folder Import/export Crosshair Login and passwords Tablelayout Improvements CMD+Save Improved dialog Table View Placeholder name Duplicates Page-turner Reveal in tree Cache notifikations Tooltip change section and move AD sorting Don’t Worry Admin user Page-turner: Previews Move to trash Move dialog DW PDFs New read more

Bugfixes Keychain Page-turner Notifications Improvements Ignore indt files Duplicate flatplan

Bugfixes Delete notifications magPicture: Order job magProof: Improved scrubber REST API Table: Integer value Unable to open notifications Clipboard Storyfolders: undo action Clipboard: Drag and drop Clipboard: Unmount storyfolders SetIt: special characters Documents returning from Send to External Export Ad PDF AdCounter Improvements TEST API Check deadlines HTML-export Toggle Workflow Bar Table: default values CAOS read more

Bugfixes REST API InDesign Templates Assets with wrong pagination Missing Ad Previews Workflow package editor Notifications Page-turner Apply workflow package magPicture Statusbar: SmartAlert Clipboard: AD Flatplan: Jump over conflict Export to HTML from tableview Tree view CAOS server startup Flatplan: Repeating info Flatplan: Width and height Warningbar: Mouseover Notifications Improvements New icons Page up, page read more

Bugfixes Adding a new activity JAVA 1.6.0_51 Missing return directory Files starting with a dash Claro inspector ID’s Stuck infolder jobs copying +1GB files Speed up job creation requests Inactive sub categories