Bugfixes Clipboard: swap Delete story from flatplan Don’t show hidden field in the palette Space buttton: Flatplan Multiple doc instances Notifications palette Undo: Transitions Client memory leak Drag-and-drop: Fields onto folders Delete objects Pagination: (XX) Ads: Place ad on language variant CRM Dynamics: New date format Page turner: memory leak Trashcan: Notification-attachments Page turnde: Wrong read more

Improvements Trashed sync jobs Page turner: Remember GUI setting Bugfixes Screensaver Flatplan: Missing focus Page turner: By selection

Improvements Tool tips Page turner: Zoom GUI Bugfixes Fixed table width Table: Multi select Change Workflow GUI Notifications: Bounding box Pen tool Page turner: Spacebar Page turner Template documents Duplicate issue Tabel: Scroll

Bugfixes AD integration: XML AD integration: Failed processing

New features SmartXMP sync Deadline fields Tableview: multi edit magPicture integration

Bugfixes Cropped Story comments Permission issues when sending to translation About CAOS

Bugfixes Drag-and-drop ad booking to flatplan Improvements Added fields to the CRMDynamics integration And much more… About CAOS

Bugfixes Remember password Improvements PDF export log And much more… About CAOS

Bugfixes “optimistic locking failed” New dialog regarding templates “This placeholder already contains a booking” Missing arrows in tree view xPort updates Improvements Log cleaning New Features CRMDynamics And much more… About CAOS

New feature Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration About CAOS