Traditional software companies try to put every aspect of the publishing process into one solution making the software stringent and inflexible. We believe that we have found a better way!We see it as our most important aim to create a software solution that will NOT kill the creative process of magazine publishing. We have developed read more

With an intuitive user interface magWorkflow gives you a live overview of your production from design to print. Because the solution is an incorporated element in the InDesign® work palette it is simple to use, and is thus an easy way for you to streamline your production. The automated processes incorporated in the solution minimize read more

Get your image editing process improved and your image orders structured with magPicture. This is a simple solution for every organization that wants to get overview and control of the entire process. 7 magPicture benefits: View the job status from an InDesign palette Monitoring of the editing process in a live job list view Drag read more